Vehicle Tracking Agreement

Leasing is a financial item, while services are an operational position, but both have clauses, costs and processes that are largely negotiable. Find out which ones are non-negotiable and those who are in discussion to make sure you can make the most of the agreement or contract. BusinessVehicleTracking may include links to third-party or third-party-owned websites for your easy accessibility. By logging into such a third-party site, you should check the rules of use of this site and accept them before using this site. You also agree that BusinessVehicleTracking has no control over the content of this website and cannot take responsibility for material created or published by third-party sites. In addition, a link to a website that is not By BusinessvehicleTracking does not mean that BusinessVehicleTracking supports the website or the products or services that are referenced on that third-party site. 1.3 Equipment. “Equipment” refers to the equipment in which the equipment is installed, for example. B a vehicle, truck, bulldozer or other such equipment. And between these two points, the contract or agreement should also cover price, performance and legal issues. – The customer undertakes not to use the services or devices for illegal or abusive purposes or in a manner that disturbs Manning NavComp or the devices. The client will comply with all laws while using the services or devices and will not transmit any communication that violates laws, court proceedings or federal, regional or local regulations. The resale of services or equipment is prohibited, with the exception of authorized resellers.

By using services and/or devices, the customer agrees to abide by the terms of all software licensing agreements applicable to software connected to services or devices. 5.2 GPS coverage and accuracy. The Global Positioning System is a constellation of satellites owned and operated by the U.S. government. The accuracy of the site is generally accepted as 100 meters; However, accuracy is generally better. TYT is not able to guarantee the accuracy of the GPS location, but it uses best practices to determine and report the most accurate location of the GPS receiver in the VLM. Many factors that are not directly controlled by TYT can influence the accuracy of the GPS position: (i) the location of VLM in the vehicle; (ii) blocking signals from surrounding buildings and buildings; (iii) signal disruptions from nearby government facilities; iv) disturbances due to reduced visibility of the constellation of GPS satellites.