Bc Labour Board Collective Agreements

(7) Where the subsection commission (6) is a joint commission, the commission must limit the commission in such a way that it concerns only the employer`s business which causes the lockout or whose worker is legally on strike, or an activity of an ally of that employer, unless this is not possible without prohibiting picketing which is authorized by paragraphs 3 or 4 above, in which case the board may, in its opinion, supervise the commission. (a) which is leased or interrupted after the previous notice of opening of collective bargaining and the opening date of negotiations, the Quebec City Construction Commission. Current agreements by sector, in English. free. PLEASE PLEASE THE ADMINISTRATION TIP AT 604-660-1304 or e-mail information@lrb.bc.ca if you can`t find the collective agreement you`re looking for in the Employer A-Z index. 93 (1) An arbitration proceeding may, at the request of a party in arbitration or by law, summon and enforce the presence of witnesses and compel it to testify orally or in writing and to present the documents and elements it considers to be a full review of cases before the arbitration body, in the same way as a civil registry tribunal. 52 (1) An extra-provincial enterprise for which a union has been certified as a bargaining partner for a worker unit of that company must designate, within five days of certification, a person established in British Columbia and authorized to bargain collectively up to (2). 2. Where the House is invited to exercise its discretion in accordance with Section 65 or any other provision that gives the House discretion to prohibit, restricting, regulating, controlling, directing or requiring the use, limitation, control, control or execution of an act or act, the Chamber may use its discretion and issue an order, impose conditions or act as a promotion of the purposes of Section 2. (c) to refuse the injunction despite a violation of that code, collective agreement or regulations, if the House considers that the provision is fair and equitable in light of the inappropriate conduct of the person filing the application or appeal; 4. Despite the subsection (3) b) iii), the board may order a union: If no collective agreement is in force and a union is not admitted as a bargaining partner for a unit agreeable by collective agreement, a union that claims to have at least 45% of the employees of that unit in good standing can do so at any time, subject to the rules applicable to the board of directors to be certified to the unit.

“ally”: a person who, according to the House, in combination, in consultation or in agreement with an employer, assists the employer in the event of a lockout or resistance to a legal strike; 129 A member of the Board of Directors before acting as a member must take and sign before a notary or commissioner for the receipt of the sworn insurance for British Columbia and send the Minister an oath or confirmation of the Board in the following form: (c) the fees and expenses of the chair of the board of arbitration or a single arbitrator, unless the arbitration proceeding authorizes another person to attend the oral proceedings, in which case the arbitration proceeding may order that a portion of the President`s fees and expenses be borne by that person.