Your Network Department Has Made An Agreement With An External Organization

7 ITIL QUESTIONS 18 The user calls the Service Desk to make an error occur constantly when using a specific application. This interrupts the connection to the network. What is the ITIL process responsible for prosecuting cases? A. Availability Management B. Incident Management C. Problem Management D. Release Management 19 A serious incident occurred. The assigned resolution team is not in a position to resolve this incident within the agreed timeframe. The person responsible for the incident is called.

What form of climbing describes the sequence of events above? A. Formal climbing B. Functional climbing C. hierarchical climbing D. operational climbing 20 Which of the following descriptions best describes a problem? A. one or more known errors B. a known cause of one or more incidents C. the unknown cause of one or more incidents D. a known error with one or more incidents 6 ITIL QUESTIONS 15 What is the concept that is not part of the financial management of IT services? A.

Budgeting B. Loading C. Obtaining D. Price 16 Service Level Requirements are used in the service level management process. What do these service level requirements mean? A. customer expectations and needs with respect to service B. What the IT organization expects of Customer C. the necessary conditions for the Service Level Agreement (SLA) D. a paragraph of ALS with additional specifications to perform ALS 17 Which of the following tasks is one of the tasks of availability management? A. Enter into contracts with Supplier B. to monitor the availability of a fee via System C., to verify the reliability and level of service of configuration elements (CIs) purchased by third parties and maintained by third parties.

D. the reliability and availability of IT service to plan and manage. Uptime is also a common metric that is often used for data services such as shared hosting, virtual private servers and dedicated servers. Common agreements include network availability percentage, operating time, number of planned maintenance windows, etc. 11 ITIL QUESTIONS 30 How does availability management work with security management? A. by agreements on the availability of security database B. by agreements on the security of availability database C. by setting security limits on the basis of availability requirements D.

by implementing the measures defined by security management to guarantee data 31 What is the response when an organization defines its vision and business objectives? A. How do we get where we want to be? B. How do we know we`ve arrived? C. Where do we want to be? D. Where are we now? 32 What is configuration management responsible for? A. Convening the Configuration Advisory Board B. Physical Management Software Elements C. Installation of devices in the workplace D.

Recording The Relationships between Configuration Elements (CSi) 33 What is the main task of error control? A. Find details for Workarounds B. to correct known errors through the C. Change Management Process, to identify and record known errors D. to record and manage known errors Add details of the relevant network elements to the dataset 4 ITIL QUESTIONS 9 data provided for XYZ`s financial management , can only be accessible to authorized users. Security management takes steps to ensure this. What is the aspect of the data that can be guaranteed by these measures? A. Availability B.

Integrity C. Stability D. Confidentiality 10 A computer operator finds that the full storage capacity of its hard drive will soon be used. What process should ITIL be reported to? A. Availability Management B. Capacity Management C. Change Management D. Incident Management 11 What activity is an exit management responsibility? A.