When Any Two Come Together In Agreement

“Jesus says that whenever the Church follows a process of reconciliation with someone and is involved in a process of reconciliation that has refused to turn around, she can be sure that God`s blessing is with them in their efforts. In other words, when the Church makes judicial decisions on legal and unjust issues based on the truth of God`s Word, she should be able to trust in the fact that she is doing the right thing and that Christ himself is there with them, spiritually present in their midst. This does not mean that Jesus does not hear our prayers when we pray alone or with two or three people, etc. He`s doing it. But this means that this special verse does not speak of the presence of Jesus in prayer, but of his presence in the ecclesial discipline. Matthew 18:19-20 is the encouragement that comes at the end of these instructions. In essence, Jesus says that you are following these steps and that you are leaving me the consequences. This view believes that if two or more Christians come together, believe in the authority of Jesus, they are a Church and can exercise the keys of the kingdom which are ecclesiastical administration and ecclesiastical discipline. Thus, we can trust that God will grant our prayers, if we follow him obediently and pray according to His will. If they have not lived the answered prayer, then perhaps you do not live in obedience and/or pray according to his will (or perhaps he answered and you did not recognize the answer, because he often responds in a way that we do not expect). “First of all, Jesus said `where two or three are gathered` in his name, so how could this apply to attitudes of four or more? And why will two or three believers come together so that Jesus may be in their midst? Isn`t he already present in every believer? So, even if a Christian prays, isn`t Jesus already there? In the context of this verse, God gives his stamp of consent if this process is followed. But what does the opposite of this interpretation mean? If there was only one person, wouldn`t God be there? Certainly, no one believes it (hopefully).

But if we distort this passage in this way, that is what it implies. Mt 18:19 If two of you agree. Two form a Christian community. The united prayers of this community for every legitimate object will be heard. The certainty lies in the fact that Christ will be present where two or three are gathered in his name. Their united prayers will rise, powerful by the intercession of the Son of God. By his presence, he becomes his prayer. 10. Make sure you are despised. not one of these little ones; For I tell you, in heaven, their angels always see the face of my Father, who is in heaven, a difficult verse; But the following is perhaps more than an illustration: –Among the men who breastfeed and raise the royal children, however modest, with their office and a conscience of intimacy that even the highest ministers of state do not accept, entry is free. Our Lord probably means that the angels, because of their accusations about his disciples (Hebrews 1:13, John 1:51), have races on the throne, are welcome there and an intimacy with “His Father who is in heaven,” which they could not accept on their own affairs.