Schwab One Account Agreement

We reserve the right to request written instructions from all account holders, at our sole discretion. We retain the right, but we are not obligated to put trade, payment and other restrictions on an account if we receive a dispute or conflicting instructions from joint account holders. The Schwab One® Account Agreement, including all disclosures, conditions and agreements contained in each of the amended versions from time to time, is the full statement of your agreement with us. In some non-U.S. countries, we may include agreements deemed appropriate and advised by local legislation. After prior or written notification, we may amend or cancel existing provisions or add new provisions. By not closing and/or continuing to use your account, you confirm your consent to comply with the Schwab One account contract® changed from time to time. The amendments do not affect the rights or obligations conferred on us prior to the amendment`s entry into force. No prior, practical or oral statement by a Schwab employee or agent may alter or alter this written agreement, including, but not limited to, Schwabs` right to liquidate or close positions in a margin account at any time and without notice, as stated in the margin and short account agreement.

You agree to notify Schwab if you want any of your messages to be sent separately. If you would like to combine messages for additional eligible accounts that are not automatically combined, please contact Schwab. If you have an account for which you are acting in trust, it is your responsibility to check whether it is appropriate to send you envelopes that may contain material that relates to both your personal and fiduciary abilities. You are responsible for checking all your bank statements, changes to your account agreement, any administrative information and other information provided by Schwab. Each joint account holder has the power to act individually and without notice to another account holder, to deal with us as comprehensively and comprehensively as if the account holder were the sole account holder. We have the right to follow the instructions of a mutual account holder and to deliver funds, securities or other assets in the Schwab One account® to any joint account holder or on the instruction of an account holder. We are not responsible for determining the purpose or adequacy of an instruction we receive from an account holder, nor for the disposition of payments or deliveries between joint account holders. Any award handed down by the arbitrator is final and binding and the judgment may be submitted to any competent court. This arbitration agreement is enforced and interpreted exclusively in accordance with U.S. federal laws, including the Federal Arbitration Act.

All costs, fees or taxes related to the execution of the award are fully assessed and paid against the party who opposes the performance of this bonus. It is your responsibility to choose (or modify) the appropriate basic cost accounting method for your tax situation. If you do not select (or modify) the desired basic cost accounting method prior to commercial billing, it may have adverse tax effects. Schwab does not offer tax advice and recommends that you go to a tax professional for basic cost decisions. More detailed cost-based information can be found in the cost-based information statement, which is available on Some fees can be charged with a debit or credit card.